This small project, which was created for the PROCJAM2021, randomly generates 4 different types of landscapes.

Currently, it's quite limited on what you can configure. However, this will be changed in later versions.

This project is not intended for entertainment.

1 - Select Forest to generate
2 - Select Desert to generate
3 - Select Ocean to generate
4 - Select Snowy Taiga to generate
Space - Generate the selected biome again
C - Toggle Controls Screen

Easy Lemon (30 second) by Kevin MacLeod


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I enjoyed watching the landscapes grow.

Thank you!

the game does not work on Russian keyboard layout

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! The game has been updated to attempt to fix this issue. Now, after you press Start, you should be able to press 1, 2, 3, 4, Space, or C to generate a landscape. Please let me know if there anymore issues.